“I’ve never played paintball before”, Common Questions & Answers:

Does age matter? You must be at least 10 years old to play paintball, no exceptions.  Kids can play right along side of adults in this game.  A 10 year old can pull a trigger just as good as a 40 year old.  As long as you are in good physical health you can play, age is not as much of a factor as it is in other sports.  Everyone can find a place on the paintball field and can have fun playing together.  It is a great team sport for all ages, 10 years and up.

What should I wear? Wear old clothes, most paintballs do not stain but you will get dirty crawling around on the ground. We recommend long pants and sleeves, cleats are the best footwear, tennis shoes or boots will work, a toboggan or a baseball cap turned around backwards is best for protecting the top of your head. The safety mask provided with the basic rental package will cover and protect your face and ears.

Does it hurt? Yes, it stings a little bit. It can leave a small bruise and even break the skin if you are wearing thin clothing. The thicker the clothes you wear the less it hurts. Most people wear blue jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Getting hit by a paintball hurts a lot less than getting hit by a softball or baseball but if you just don’t take pain well at all then you can even wear gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, chest protectors and neck protectors for added protection (We do rent chest protectors, but not all of the other padding options).

If it hurts, is it safe for me or my child to play? Yes, it is very safe, as long as everyone follows the safety rules. The most obvious danger to paintball is getting shot in the eye, but if everyone follows the safety rules, the chance of this happening is very small. The most common dangers you have to worry about are tripping or running into something.

How many paintballs will I shoot and How long will they last? On an average day of play most players shoot between 500 – 1,000 paintballs and play for 2 to 3 hours. Games last about 10 – 15 minutes on average. How many paintballs you shoot in a game depends on how long you are in the game and how many you ration yourself and take onto the field for the game. Once you have been shot you are out of that game and must exit the field until the next game. If you have a large group you may only play with that group for the day but if you come with a small group we may put you with some other players to play with and sometimes we will get two big groups together on one of the larger fields for a big game, which can be a lot of fun. Every group will be supervised by a referee and no one is allowed to play without a ref at any time. If you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call.

CHF Paintball Park Rules

  • All players must be at least 10 years old to play.
  • No Outside paintballs.  All paintballs must be bought from CHF.
  • All players must check in at the office and sign a waiver every day before they play, every single time, and they must be dated for the day of play to be valid. (If a player is under 18 a parent or legal guardian must also sign the waiver)
  • A (BBD) Barrel Blocking Device must be secured on the end of every marker while that marker is in a designated safe zone.
  • Do not shoot outside of the designated shooting areas.
  • A certified paintball safety mask must be worn while on playing fields and in designated shooting areas at all times.
  • All markers must be tested each day before play and they are not to exceed 300 (fps) feet per second.
  • Markers are not allowed to shoot fully automatic or at a rate greater than 12.5 (bps) balls per second.
  • Do not purposely over shoot players.
  • Do not make physical contact with another player.
  • Do not shoot the referees.
  • Do not jump on or knock over bunkers.
  • One splat (quarter size or bigger) anywhere on a player or their equipment is considered an elimination. That player should exit the field immediately and secure their BBD.
  • Do not steal other people’s equipment or paintballs.
  • Do not leave your equipment or paintballs unguarded.
  • No foul language, no alcohol and no illegal substances are allowed on the property.
  • Do not exceed 15 mph on Cedar Hill Farm property.
  • Do not litter, and yes cigarette butts are litter.