4 Courses (Over Twelve Acres): Ambush, The Woods, Bunker Hill, and Hyperball.

Ambush: Our most popular scenario field. This large 3.5 acre wooded course has two opposing forts. In between are bunkers made out of pallets, tractor tires and 55 gallon barrels. Teams must strategize a way to take over the oposing teams fort without letting the other team take over theirs.

The Woods: A large 4 acre wooded course with natural bunkers in the form of ravines and ditches as well as some man made tree piles for cover. This is the perfect place to hide and work on your stealth and sniper skills. Work together with your team to cover the large playing field and find and capture the other teams flag.

Bunker Hill: This is a wooded course on the side of a hill. One team starts out on the top of the hill and the other starts out at the bottom. There are building structures on the course with windows and doors that you must clear of the opposing team. Action is fast on this 1.5 acre course.

Hyperball: This is the smallest of the courses at the park. This is the perfect place to play 3 v 3, 2 v 2 or 1 on 1 grudge matches. Completly surrounded by safety netting so spectators can see all the action. There is no need for a flag on this field just eliminate the other team before they get you!